Budget Week: TPL fights cuts

library-supportersWe were at today’s forum (first time inside the notorious council pod) in support of our public library system. It was all very political and the numbers thrown about were weaponized, just as they are when the tax cutter camp makes its claims. Chart source

Nevertheless, there is obviously strong public support for our public library system and considerable civic pride in its excellence. Erosion of that excellence is a goal for some politicians who even went so far as to commission (at public expense) a bean counter’s report: Since The Toronto system has been superior to all other library systems in North America, we should eliminate that superiority and bring it into line with the mediocrity that other cities have settled for. Unbelievable “leadership” advice.

Anyway, past budget cuts have made sure that the public library system is maintaining itself with a two percent sliver of the total operating budget. Personally, I think it’s money well-spent.

Top photo: Our media-savvy librarians are fighting the mayor’s fridge magnet campaign with trinkets and trash of their own. We received cardboard reading glasses with which we could pose for photos. The snaps went onto instantly printed bookmarks we could keep. Then the photos went onto the library’s photo wall. These librarians are not just bookish.

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