Ben would have written about this

Sandy Zwyer rightly observes that this news would have drawn favourable comment from our old friend Ben Viccari. Since Ben’s not here to do the job, here’s a link for you to follow.

I am particularly pleased to see reference to the way residential school experiences echo down through generations. The damage wasn’t just to those who were sent to the schools. The kids they raised, and their kids, were affected adversely. The disaster continues right to this day. It’s amazing to me that so few non-native people grasp this fact.

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One thought on “Ben would have written about this

  1. Thank you for this!!
    And you have posted on our drum circle day in Salmo. This topic was mentioned today as a reference to suffering that has changed how people look at the world.
    No More!
    Pain still resonates from the residential schools.
    Now circles bring the healing and the drums and songs remain the same.
    A heartbeat of consciousness and respect for all the ones who take courage and bring their story to the circle. Remembering the elders.
    We walk on two legs, breathe air, and drink water. ‘We are one together’

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