Poor Old Toronto Ontario. A confused and confusing council has voted to toss the Scarborough Light Rail Transit plan, fully funded, environmentally approved and $85 million already spent. In its place, Scarborough dwellers are being offered the unfunded dream of a subway that would be much more costly and slow to build… if it ever gets built at all.

Is this really what the people of Scarborough want? Hard to believe.

Harder to believe: that the rest of Canada will want to pay the cost difference. But that’s what even the Mayor says. No federal funding, no subway. Can Ford get the money from Harper this way? He might get the promise of money, but Scarborough won’t ride far on political promises.

Provincial promises, same thing. Ford’s promise to keep a subway tax increase to $5 a household? Already being, um, restated.

As usual, P.O.T.O. is going nowhere fast.

BTOD: 5:00 a.m.—7:00 a.m.

20130715-095332.jpgBest Time Of Day? Make that ONLY Time of Day for me. It’s too hot outside for walking after 7:00 a.m.

At this time of year, I envy those who say they love the heat and humidity. There are many such people, but I’m certainly not one of them. Best get my 10,000 steps in for the day as early as possible and then do a lot of the siesta thing under a fan.

Look at those lows in the forecast for the week! Until Saturday, they are where the highs should be!

August weather seems to have moved forward into July. Does this mean August will be like September? I can only hope.

Neat ride but why the high price in Canada?

A friend is considering one of these but Canadian Tire is asking $429.99 CAD (web price). The same cycle sells for $259.00 US at Walmart in the States right now. That’s about a $170 difference. Granted, Canadian Tire says they’ll assemble it for you “free”, but that’s a HUGE assembly charge built in, if that’s the reason.

There was a recent Canadian Tire sale on these, briefly bringing the cost down to $329.99. More reasonable, but our friend missed the sale… and there would still have been a $70 spread built in to cover that “free” assembly. That difference would easily cover the cost of a helmet and lights.

Note: the Meridian Adult Trike above is single speed.

True story

When she saw her 3 year old grandson playing with his pee-pee, a disapproving grandmother said, “Don’t play with that. It’ll fall off”.

The 3 year old turned to his older brother and said, “That must be what happened to Mom’s”.