A backward cutaway

A decommissioned East End factory has, for years, displayed an odd mural to drivers on the Gardiner Expressway. It is too faded and complex to really see from a speeding car, so I am slowing it down for you.

Mouseover the best view to hold and examine the details. You’ll see that the picture is intended to give you a cutaway view of the interior of the building. A worker gazes at the skyline toward the CN Tower. Except that you are facing away from the CN Tower as you look “through” the cutout. Facing the way you are, and using your x-ray vision, you would be seeing the workman’s face and the room behind him. Heck, you wouldn’t even need x-ray vision … the guy is in a window.

The whole concept is so weird, I wonder, did they make drugs in that factory?

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