Apple irks with "AirFlop"

I was complaining the other day about Apple’s AirDrop not working with older Macs and then suddenly the AirDrop icon appeared on my old iMac. Hey, great, I thought, and I tried to transfer the photo of Danica from my iPad to my Mac.
AirDrop simply does not work, even though the icon appears in the Finder. It wasn’t there a few days ago. What made it appear is anybody’s guess. Various Mac users online offer different stories, some claiming Macs must be 2012 or newer. This Mac user has a simpler explanation. Apple has bungled this one. The software is flaky, unreliable and unpredictable. It should not have been released as part of Yosemite, because it simply is not ready for public use.
Good excuse to post the Danica picture, though. I emailed it to my Mac in the old-fashioned way.

2 thoughts on “Apple irks with "AirFlop"

  1. Thanks Joni….that’s my look for “thank goodness I don’t have to understand my Mac”

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