CSS3 animation experiment

The idea here is to hover over the image to see what’s on the back. Or click the button. If it works, it could be a way to display what’s written on the backs of many Helen Andersen artworks. Please leave a comment if it works for you … or if it doesn’t.

This particular airbrushed painting is an important one, reflecting Helen’s acute awareness of the terrible century (!) of Canadian history when aboriginal children were forcibly taken away from their parents and housed in residential schools. A mother wipes tears from her little girl’s face.
The image was chosen by Pat Ekland when we offered to frame one of the “lost” paintings for her. They would never have been recovered without her kindness and determination. That story is here.
The flipping animation effect derives from a renewed interest. A lot has happened since I stopped my online courses 3 or 4 years ago. Back to Lynda.com, I guess.

7 thoughts on “CSS3 animation experiment

  1. Orange Shirt Day was on September 30, 2014 to commemorate painful separation of families and subsequent abuse in residential schools . Each day another brave one comes forward with their story. Story, artwork, and song help healing turn wounds to strengths.
    I prefer stills for display. Thank you for posting.

  2. ‘Hover’ didn’t seem to work on my iPad but the ‘toggle flip’ did. Nice to be able to see Helen’s notes.

  3. I like the way the background suggests images and spirits in the forest itself, in keeping with aboriginal beliefs about the land and their connection to it.
    Although the bacground looks very “rain forest”, the native mother seems to be wearing plains buckskins and moccassins. I wonder if Helen was deliberately intending to suggest all regions, not just he west coast neighbourhood. Certainly, the tragedy was nationwide.

  4. As I continued to attempt a ‘hover’ flip on my iPad, I managed to get a flip by tapping the left and right top corners of the painting and not touching the ‘toggle flip’ button at all. Bottom corners didn’t seem to work. ???

  5. Thanks, Anna. Every browser seems to behave a little differently. it’s very hard to make any fancy stuff work consistently … and maybe not worth trying. I could always just show the fronts and backs statically, coudn’t I?

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