Spend some time with Hugh MacLeod

I don’t know about yours, but this little diagram sums up my experience in the world of work. I spent most of my time one level below the sociopaths and somehow mostly avoided the bottom level. One nice thing about the clueless level is that you really haven’t got a clue that you’re clueless until you leave the pyramid and see things from a distance.
I can only take so much of The Gaping Void, then I have to go away for a while. When I return, my smile returns, too. What a relief it is to be retired.

3 thoughts on “Spend some time with Hugh MacLeod

  1. I feel totally differently than you. I don’t feel retired, don’t want to be retired and consider my time working for the sociopaths to be one of the highlights of my life. I would gladly do it again tomorrow.

  2. I guess we are both well off with our views, even though different. And I met some people I like, working on the pyramids, some of whom are still friends. No regrets there.

  3. lol & me… I have been so disrespectful… wandering all about the pyramid with no regard for status. After all they all breathe, drink water, and listen to a heart beat.
    If we step back, the triangle is a part of a larger set. Just a tiny piece of the web of life. There is more than we see, smell, hear, or touch.

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