Pair needs a closer view

2-quick-studiesTwo paintings by Helen Andersen
It’s difficult to appreciate the details in these quick, colourful pieces when the pair are shown so small, so just the paintings themselves, sans frames, are shown below the break.
We’ve framed the pair in black because it makes the colour pop. Both were done in 1983 in Hawaii, where Helen and Raabye often vacationed. The colours are unusual for Helen, probably because she was is a very different environment from her rain forest home. Here she has chosen “Hawaiian Weeds” as her subject.
Here are those closer looks:

In a previous post, my favourite was not the most popular with others. Let’s try this again. I like the top one, best. How about you?weeds

2 thoughts on “Pair needs a closer view

  1. Bill, Thorne and I both chose the same sketch as you. Interestingly though, I had a moment of hesitation in my choice when I looked back at the smaller shot of the second sketch. Each appeals for a different reason. It’s not always easy choosing favourites!

  2. I like the top one for it’s composition, yet as with the other comparison… interpretation is such a different art form than painting.
    One painting may be pleasing because of it’s form, and another because of it’s representational impact.
    Saanichton fields are more truly depicted by Bill’s choice of Tribute to Max Maynard.

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