Framing resumes

Tribute to Max Maynard by Helen Andersen Image area: 12″wide x 18.5″ tall. Gouache on paper
This pair offers a look at two different styles, the top one being abstracted and composed in a geometrical way. The one below draws on the same subject matter, but it is rendered more naturalistically … still “composed”, but less obviously.
Max Maynard, BTW, was a B.C. painter and a friend of Helen’s. She felt his loss keenly when he died in 1982. In her “tribute”, you can see how she is referencing Maynard’s stylization of landscape.
Which do you prefer? I like the top one better and Danica is fond of the bottom one.
Saanichton landscape by Helen Andersen Image area:15″wide x 23.5″ tall. Gouache on rice paper

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