Why take the car? Ride the jungle gym.

bad bad bus
It can’t be an accident that modern busses are so bloody awful. It has to be by design, but who’s behind it and why does the TTC buy these bone-jarring rattletraps? I can never get through a ride without bruises. The whole interior is pipes and poles and hard-cornered seat frames. Knee-banger seat backs work well with the cramped legroom.
Lowrise floors are supposed to ease entry at the front, but at the back you have to climb on top of the back wheels, up two steep, steel-edged steps. Want to see if there’s another bus behind, now that yours is being short-turned? Gotcha! The back window is blacked out!
I just learned that TTC is an acronym for Trying To Conceive. Google it, you’ll see. It doesn’t stand for Toronto Transit Commission anymore. We’re supposed to feel screwed.