Another Helen Andersen piece located

chieftans-600pxTitle on back: Indian Chieftans by Helen Andersen
This is great … the Helen Andersen web site has been located and used by the owner of a large, white on black drawing, uncatalogued until now. The signature is on the back, her attached calling card (the paperclips one) and her Saanichtion address and phone number are all there, too. The piece is a nice size … 26.25″ wide, 32.25″ tall.
The owner is Derek Malone of Surrey B.C. and he inherited it as part of his father’s estate. It seems that Derek’s father built the excellent display/storage system Helen had in her studio home.
I like Derek’s piece of art very much. It belongs to the large group of works with aboriginal subjects and it is very characteristic of Helen’s free, expressive way of drawing human figures.
I have permission to add it to the web site, so it will join the other pieces soon. Thank you, Derek, for taking good care of a piece you say you’ve always enjoyed. May you continue to enjoy it for many, many years to come.

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