Yosemite has landed on my desktop

There are still lots of bugs and performance issues.
I am running MacOS X Yosemite sooner than I thought I would, because I am introducing a friend who is new to Macs to the system. We agreed that he may as well learn on the latest system, so I have installed it to learn what’s new.
Before you take the plunge, it would be worth watching this cautionary tale …

I have ordered RAM upgrades for Danica’s laptop and older iMac. They will have 8 and 6 Gigs respectively. So far, 6 Gigs is running Yosemite on my old iMac and performance seems fine, much of the time. It would still be best to wait for version 10.10.1
So, the free OS upgrade isn’t really free, but that’s life as we all know it, n’est ce pas?