Remembering Graham Taylor

Our friend and colleague Graham died suddenly in May. Today, his widow Marguerite and daughter Gillian brought friends and relatives together at the Gabardine Restaurant on Bay Street, to remember a talented, sweet guy.
Fifty years in Canada had no effect on Graham’s identity as a proud Yorkshire Brit. Appropriately, the gathering honoured his English heritage. The best fish and chips I’ve ever had were served, along with fine English cheeses and smoked mackerel. I don’t see how it could have been better.
union-jackDanica poses with gifts for Marguerite and Gillian … Union Jack cushion and a box of Yorkshire tea.
Gillian created a slide show of photos of Graham throughout his life, projecting it onto the wall. To make the occasion as memorable as possible, the City ran the Scotiabank Marathon right past the restaurant. The finishing line was just 100 metres from the Gabardine front door.