Got a minute?

Over 88% of visitors to this site in June spent less than 30 seconds here. I take this to mean that I am popular with speed readers.

2 thoughts on “Got a minute?

  1. LOL. I guess so, Anna, but my web analyzer only collects metadata, not personal data. I can tell when someone (or far more likely, some thing) visits my blog. Most of the visits are automated “crawlers”and “spiders” sent out by search engines. The 88% of visits are by such “bots”.
    The remaining 12% of visits are by people, some arriving because of a search match for a subject or image. Most of them come from the U.S.A, so they probably don’t know me. Same for Europe and Russia.
    About 2% of my visits come from people who visit deliberately. The times of visits, country, browser type, operating system, length of visit and keywords searched for are recorded.
    As you might expect, readers of my blog are very, very few. My guess would be 10 to 12 people looking in every now and then.

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