Two Helen Andersens head back West

Before Danica packed up all of Helen’s discovered art cache for shipment to Toronto last year, our 4-year-old great nephew Carson got to pick one for himself. He deliberated. His choice (below) is surprisingly sophisticated for a little boy. No bright colours, very little “action”.
Cool choice, Carson. Now that it’s framed and matted, visiting friends will drive in back to Victoria and you will have it soon. Wow! You’ve been waiting for a quarter of your lifetime!
Carson has a little brother Jackson, who needs art for his room, too. He was a bit young to make his own selection so we picked out one for him. It’s on the way soon, along with Carson’s piece.
Two watercolours, signed by the artist

3 thoughts on “Two Helen Andersens head back West

  1. Beautifully framed! Boys will be pleasantly surprised and the watercolours will look great in their bedrooms. Thank you, thank you!

  2. I really enjoy your Mom’s paintings. I hope you have digital copies of them all. Maybe a dedicated website or some sort of slideshow!

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