A Toronto social experiment

I just came across this on BoingBoing. As a promotion for his song, a musician gives away money, asking people to do someone a kindness with their 10 dollar bill.

The unadorned and somewhat unimaginative focus on money strikes me as quite Torontonian. So does the good-natured response of participants.

2 thoughts on “A Toronto social experiment

  1. I’m impressed..
    there are some amazing people out there!
    (pay it forward ones)
    Thanks for noticing.
    **I’ve been entranced these days by the solitary osprey mom with a challenge of 2 chicks left to feed. It’s Nelson Osprey on upstream. Wildlife can be impressive to watch; teach us to stay in the moment.

  2. I used the link you sent in your earlier comment, Joni, and saw the osprey nest. Amazing closeups, live! The connection drops and reconnects, but I think that must be because a load of people are watching.

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