You ARE the 1%

In a conversation with Peter Sever recently, he reminded me that those of us who live in North America and Western Europe, even the poor, have much higher standards of living than most of the world’s population.
This map attempts to draw the world, proportioning country size according to population rather than geography. Look at Canada! Australia is small, too.
It’s probably not all that “realistic” or Antarctica would hardly be visible, but the general idea is right. The unacceptable gap between highest and lowest income levels in Canada is mirrored on a global scale. It doesn’t hurt to remember that.

One thought on “You ARE the 1%

  1. Peter would be 100% correct. That said, there are a few societies where people who have less than us, materially, live happier and more fulfilling lives. Also, sadly, many places where life is barely worth living. Blind luck. Be thankful.

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