No kidding, I met a clown today

michellepowerPeople who know me might not be surprised to learn that we seemed to have quite a bit in common. (Facebook login required) Michelle Power clowns professionally … not the kiddy party stuff … edgy, burlesquey, serious clowning. She also writes, and that’s what got us chatting at the Flying Pony Café.
Michelle was planning to write up the bronze sculpture I just wrote about below. Using the café wifi, I showed her my blog and Ben Viccari’s write-up from 2010, too.
Funny fact: Danica and I have seen Michelle at work, though we’d never have recognized her out of zombie makeup. She was one of the creatures pawing at the windows of the diner when we went to see Diner Her at the George Street Diner last year.

2 thoughts on “No kidding, I met a clown today

  1. I even had a role in Dine Her, come to think of it. I played “Don” at the dress rehearsal. The play took place right in the diner, with the audience sitting in booths and on stools along the eating counter. Every performance of the interactive, immersive experience involved tapping a member of the audience to play “Don”, the former boyfriend of the leading lady.
    I got to behead a troublesome zombie.

  2. “Dine Her” was a very entertaining experience. You were great as Don, my hero!!

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