Beach Hill Clean Up Day

5upA fairly good number of Beach Hill residents showed up this sunny morning to help clean up the litter exposed by the melted snow.
I worked my way up Gerrard to Woodbine and then along to north of the Via Rail tracks. We know from experience that there are lots of pickings on that route, don’t we, Thorne?
A survey of my findings:

  • Most litter by brand … Pizza Pizza
  • Most litter by category (small)… cigarette butts
  • Grossest litter … dog poop in baggies
  • Most litter by category (average size)… paper coffee cups/ plastic lids
  • Most difficult litter … cans and bottles in underbrush on hillside
  • Most litter by location … lane behind Ruby Tuesday tavern

Ironic litter: We have a self-appointed vigilante in our area who has taken it upon himself to slash posters and fliers taped to utility poles. I share his sentiment about these illegal, unsightly ads and I understand the efficiency of his slashing destruction, but speedy as it is, there is a downside. The mess of fluttering, torn paper and flapping cellotape looks worse that the original eyesore. More irony: most of the slash-mess I peeled from the poles today consisted of Beach Hill Neighbourhood Association posters about Clean Up Day.