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jane-and-scottWe invited Jane Clapp and her husband Scott over to see which pieces of Helen Andersen art they’d like to have. When she was a little girl, and later when she’d grown up a bit, Jane visited Helen and even did some artwork with her. Jane was one of Helen’s favourite people, so we are delighted that she now has some of Helen’s work. In fact, Jane remembered making paper with Helen, so one of the pieces she chose was a rendering of the CN tower on handmade paper.
Here’s a photo of a very young Jane with Helen, standing in front of a life drawing that still survives. It was among the pictures in the great Ekland Find.
Helen looks on affectionately while Jane steals the show.

3 thoughts on “Jane picks some pix

  1. Just big heart felt awwwws when we read this post. We already hung a few of the pictures. And C loves the carousel picture and immediately saw the potential for it to be a medieval ship! Thanks so much to you both. We went home with full hearts and bellies.

  2. Thanks for your response, Jane. We loved your visit and I’m delighted with the medieval ship idea. If you see this reply, please tell Scott that I think his web sites are extremely good and I am right onside with the ideas expressed there.

  3. Sending love. Thank you for reminding me of the paper making. I remember making paper on the patio.

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