The Guggenheim at the AGO

We went to the Art Gallery of Ontario today, to see The Great Upheaval show. The video gives a good outline, so I will score the day in another way.

Out of 10 …
TTC streetcar service … 4
Half hour wait for first streetcarcar, then short-turned. Change cars. Large waiting crowds on Dundas, no sign of streetcar to go home. Walk to catch Gerrard car, get short-turned again on the way home.
AGO service … 5
Would have been 4, except for redemption by a friendly security guy who was quite charming. Noisy espresso bar in the front gallery serves overpriced products but nowhere to sit. All seats filled. (But puh-lease, AGO DO NOT ADD more seating. Your coffee shop clutter already insults Frank Gehry’s Galleria Italia.) Stupid.
The espresso bar was probably overcrowded because the downstairs coffee shop closes at 3:00. ??? The AGO is open until 8:30 on Wednesdays. Stupid.
Mazes of queuing stanchions rope visitors into pointless back-and-forth walks to get to a ticket booth or coat check counter. Stupid.
The Great Upheaval show … 10
Go see it before March 2nd. Masters and masterpieces from 100 years ago. Smuggle in your own coffee.