Promising West Don Lands

I enjoyed a great, if chilly, walk yesterday, exploring the huge construction site known as West Don Lands. People are already living in some of the new builds and you know, they are pioneers in what will surely become a fabulous new part of town.

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When the dust clears, probably by 2015, in time for the Pan Am Games, the neighbourhood will be an exciting mix of residential spaces, shops, restaurants, parks and streets. During the Games, some of the new buildings will house visiting athletes, then go onto the market. A percentage of residences are supposed to become subsidized “social” housing.
It’s as if someone said “Go play in traffic” and some creative developers took up the challenge. Undersides of the Gardiner Expressway ramps have become basketball courts, jungle gyms and playgrounds. Large parklands are being developed to provide greenery and oxygen. Little walkways between buildings of varying heights, age and style provide interest and the riverside location is splendid. Imagine when everything is alive again in Spring. This will become a destination worth visiting and a great, urbane living space.
Of course, I had to go see if the famous “cubes” had survived all the changes. Yes. Number 1 Sumach Street still has its green icons,