Thanks, Jack … ummm … Joni!

[Memo to self: Put on glasses when reading return addresses on packages.]
It’s fun to find unexpected gifts in the mail. Today, we opened the envelope from my brother Jack sister Joni and found a large colour photo of my mother posing beside one of her paintings. I have yet to locate the title of this one, but I like the picture because it gives an impression of the size of some of the pictures Helen painted. It also illustrates her passion for wild outfits.
elders-are-watchingAlso in the envelope, a battered copy of a handsome book. This copy of The Elders Are Watching contains images of strong West Coast prints by Roy Henry Vickers and writings by storyteller Dave Bouchard.  A handwritten inscription on the fly leaf reads:

Dear Les: Enjoy this please! You and Joanie would just love Roy Vickers – a lovely person.

Les was Helen’s son-in-law. Somehow he seems not to have received his book. If you read this, Les, drop me a line and I’ll send it to you.
Here’s one example of the art inside.

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Jack … ummm … Joni!

  1. also there is a wonderful large acrylic 4 x 6 ‘ painting by Helen that Les owns. It has seven swans swimming on the lake up the mountain on S. Pender Island. Deep Blues and tranquil theme make it a favorite. I’ll look for a photo.

  2. Inside the Roy Vickers ‘The Elders are watching’ is a black and white photo of the newspaper clipping of Les in front of the sacred catlinite peace pipe he carved for the BC art exhibit.

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