Big treat at the Faculty of Music

Bulletin: The general public is welcome to attend student recitals in Walter Hall, free of charge. Just look up the time on the web site, walk in, turn off your cellphone and take a seat. You’ll be amazed at the talent but I admit, you won’t necessarily get the performance I enjoyed tonight.
Tonight, Bo Yon Koh was performing on the Steinway grand piano, earning her doctoral performance degree. She was superb, and to make things even better, she was playing in a piano trio, accompanied by her sister Min on the violin and Min’s husband Adrian on the cello. Two professionals, from two top string quartets! They filled the room with amazing sound… so expressive, powerful and moving… what an experience!
I can’t show you pictures of the performers (no cameras or recorders allowed) so I’ll combine a few shots surrounding a memorable evening. Even the sunset was spectacular. After the recital, Jolanta (violinist Min’s mentor), her husband Brian, friends Lloyd and Cheryl and their nephew Mike went for supper at the the Museum Tavern (recommended). Danica couldn’t join us because she’s already up to her ears in pre-Christmas plans.

3 thoughts on “Big treat at the Faculty of Music

  1. Bo Yon, the pleasure was all mine, I assure you! You, Min and Adrian gave us a terrific performance. I am grateful to have been there.

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