A frank word about the iPad Mini camera

In a word, it’s puny.
I laughed in understanding when I read a reviewer’s remark that the Mini camera still has a measly 5 megapixels, “disappointing the dozens of people who enjoy tablet photography”.
When the light is strong results are much better…
This is a detail of one of the pillars in the Museum TTC Station. Also represented are the arts of ancient Egypt, classical Greece, China and aboriginal North America (Turtle Island).
As the sunset shot below shows, the iPad Mini camera has trouble with bright light situations, flattening out areas of interest very destructively. It’s range is very limited… good enough for reference shots or ephemeral trivia, but no substitute for a real camera.
This sky was full of character but shapes and shadows of the clouds have been completely washed out. To see what that sky really looked like, see these.

3 thoughts on “A frank word about the iPad Mini camera

  1. Hey dear Bill,
    your hair looks golden! Is that some video trick?
    Nice to see that you are having good time .

  2. LOL, no Visnja, not a video trick. Some people go grey as they get older. I seem to be going orange. 🙂 I think the light over my head must have created the effect.
    Nice to hear from you! Hope you and Stanko are well and happy, enjoying your Sydney summer. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. Wow!! nice skies!
    Ours is all white for the drum circle on Friday for the city hall tribute to women.
    Snow is quite deep here.
    Nice fix up of the dark photo. It’s all about aperture and sensor size, isn’t it?
    a 50 mm lens with 1.4 mm would make a nice picture.

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