Ahhh, that feels better

dump-googleFor months, Google has been trying to suck me into participation in its Google Plus social media thingy. I eluded their efforts until today, when they tricked me (or coerced me?) and linked my Youtube account to all the rest of their customer tracking “services”. As you may have guessed, I’ve had enough.
I cancelled all my Googly accounty stuff. I can still use Google’s search algorithm… and that’s the most useful thing Google does. If I use it through DuckDuckGo, my search history won’t even be tracked and stored.
I can’t upload videos to Youtube anymore, or comment on Youtube videos uploaded by others, but I can still watch them. A few of my Youtube videos that are embedded here are blog posts will go dark, but maybe I’ll upload them to Vimeo.
Here are links to the first ones I’ve moved:
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