Very local art show

There have been questions about what we are doing with all of the Helen Andersen art we have been framing. Were we preparing the works for a show? Perhaps the one being planned for next year in Victoria? Not really. This is how we’ve put some of them up on our own walls, and we love it.
Keen observers will note that the groupings are not exclusively filled with Andersen pictures. There’s a Tony Onley print in there, a hall mirror, an anonymous canvas of grandmother Sophie as a young woman, for example.
That’s the plan. Helen’s art will outnumber everyone else’s, but we’ll try to maintain a mix in other rooms, too. Oh yes, other rooms. We still have lots more to hang and thanks to grouping, lots of space still to use. I hope we are managing to avoid looking like an auction house. Not everything can go on display, but we’ll be able to rotate pieces and look with fresh eyes.

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