Today's bike ride answers a question

How do you get from the cycle path along the bank of the Mighty Don…
to here… the Riverdale Farm?
[Notes] I only rode to the base of the stairs today. The photo of the sheep is from the Google Map of Riverdale Farm.
After the climb up the stairs, carrying your bike, there’s more climbing to do… up a fairly steep hill to the farm. Well worth a visit, especially in the Spring. Baby goats are my favourites. They dance on the heads of long suffering sheep. Pure joy.

4 thoughts on “Today's bike ride answers a question

  1. We sure have some wonderful memories of this place! Guess it may be easier to drive over and to walk in???

  2. We’ve also walked there Anna…do you think it’s 10,000 steps Bill? Great memories indeed. Not quite Beacon Hill Park but a delight in the heart of a humongous city…and a very good bike trek. Glad you posted.

  3. I’m sure it’s more than 10,000 steps, round trip, from our place to Riverdale Farm. My guess would be more like 20,000. The best way to get there is by a combo of steetcar and walking.

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