The cycling vs walking weigh-in

The bikes will go into storage this month, so walking is definitely more year-round. Bikes are more fun than walking and they get us down to the lakeside more quickly and frequently than our shoes have done. Would not have wanted to miss this today…
I notice more detail walking than I do riding, though, and walking is simpler. Put on your hat and coat, and off you go. With a bike, there are keys and helmets and locks and backpacks. On foot, you can just pop into a coffee shop. The bike needs locking up… significant locking up in Toronto. Sidewalks feel a lot less nerve-racking than bike lanes.
Without the mechanical advantage of the bicycle, I work more (and different) muscles and get better blood pressure readings. The bike wins on cardio and it wins on range, taking us farther, to interesting sights. It definitely lifts spirits higher, especially on nice days. The bike is a brilliant invention and we’ll continue to use ours enthusiastically, but in the final analysis, walking wins for health, cost and convenience.

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