It's free coffee week at McDonalds

mccafeTV ads for McDonalds coffee clearly attempt to win over customers of more expensive coffee outlets. How’s the product?
Smart graphics. It’s fresh, that’s for sure. They are going through buckets of the stuff this freebie week.
Time to taste… Hmmmm. It DOES taste different… and yet familiar. Where have I encountered that taste before? I know… Tim’s!

2 thoughts on “It's free coffee week at McDonalds

  1. Hey Bill…thanks for heads up i.e. free coffee @Mickey Dees (I’m there…lol)! I’ll let you know if I think it’s ‘timmies’ tasting…
    I’m enjoying reading your blog (received info, re: email..tutorial thnx). FYI: St. Barnabas Church on Danforth (across from 2nd Cup & Big Carrot strip mall) is having an artist’s showing (mainly woodwork…a friend of mine is showing her pieces…not woodwork) this Saturday afternoon. Maybe you could find an audience for your mom’s paintings… i.e. ‘sell the pieces u can’t keep’ & proceeds could be donated or start ‘Helen Andersen Foundation for Artists’…just a thought. Lol … I’m bored. I do like her work though. See u when I see you.

  2. Thanks for the blog visit and comment, Sandra. Danica and I were at the St. Barnabas show last year and enjoyed it. I hope we’ll get to go again this year, now that you’ve reminded us it’s on.

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