Slideshow to catch up on framing

I have been too busy framing pictures to spend much time blogging the results. A WordPress slide show seems in order…
Mouseover for controls.
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First slide: Paper Clips, Part of an extensive series
Second: Still Life, Gouache on paper
Third: Yellows study, We have a few similar colour studies.
Fourth: Another Day, Someone stole this once but it was recovered.
Fifth: Woodfibre Explosion, pastel about a pulp mill

6 thoughts on “Slideshow to catch up on framing

  1. They really come alive with framing…lots of work but fun and satisfying work. Hope you agree Bill?

  2. Yes, I agree 100%… and you’ve done more than I have to make it happen. We are far enough along now that I can really appreciate what it’s doing for our living space. Art everywhere you look!

  3. I think you should make a slideshow of them all. Then we could all make a permalink.

  4. I do have plans for a bigger slide show, Brian. I need to make one showing large works whose whereabouts are unclear. My hope is that such a show would help locate pieces for an upcoming exhibition schedued for March, 2014 on Vancouver Island.

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