Today's ride: Beginning, middle, end.

We didn’t think the Toronto Waterfront Marathon runners would reach our end of town so early, but those Ethiopian guys are FAST! We got across the Lakeshore and onto the bicycle path just ahead of the first group of runners. From there we headed for the peace and quiet of the beautiful Leslie Spit. Gorgeous day… for running or riding.
There were plenty of supporters along the race route. Lots of cheers and cow bells. Chinese dragons and a drummer provided colour and a beat.
On the way home, the formerly pristine boulevard had acquired a few cups from parched marathoners.

3 thoughts on “Today's ride: Beginning, middle, end.

  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Such a chilly day for that run…so glad I withdrew ha ha!
    Great pics Bill.

  2. Yes, the cooler days are here, Kathleen. We may bundle up and try for one or two more rides, but then that’s probably it until Spring.

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