SquareBob, yer killin' me…

Spirit of the Beaver (Tlingit) in a Landscape, by Helen Andersen. Image size approx. 21″x 30″. Air brush, gouache on paper. January, 1988
Maybe he was displeased with the nickname he has acquired around our house. I believe SquareBob laid a curse on me while I was trying to frame him today. I knew he’d be difficult, he’s BIG. Add the mat and the frame and he’s a serious wall filler.
SquareBob is painted in gouache, with some airbrushing in the background, but he also has some metallic silver paint blended into the abalone shells that surround his face. Both Danica and I thought that a silver frame would go nicely with Bob’s shells, but it took me a whole day to mat it together with a bit on silver trim on the inner edge of the mat. Bob was fighting me, but I persisted until Danica said I’d done well.
So it was time to put the glass into SquareBob’s new home… a big sheet of single diamond glass. The finishing touch. “Not so fast”, said Bob, as he shattered the glass into pieces.
So Bob sleeps tonight without glass in his window. Tomorrow we will search out a replacement. Maybe acrylic.
[Update] SquareBob has his acrylic and seems satisfied.