How badly to we want that fracking gas?

This is the response to resistant inhabitants of the area in New Brunswick where a gas company wants to frack for shale gas. I don’t care what side you’re on. Let’s just see clearly what the deal is. “We want that gas. Get out of the way or we’ll shoot you”.

2 thoughts on “How badly to we want that fracking gas?

  1. In Canada? At a protest rally? I thought the RCMP monitored these events – this looks like the military. I watched the videos – shame on us…

  2. Yes, Canada. Harper said we wouldn’t recognize Canada when he was done. Actually, though, we had Chretien the Pepper Sprayer before him and Oka before that. Canadians are beginning to see themselves as they are. We must, if we want to do something about aspects of our society that we find ugly.
    But there is every chance that a majority of Canadians will find the photo perfectly acceptable.

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