A variety of styles over the years

One of the nicest things about the discovery of paintings by Helen Andersen is the fact that 3 decades of work are represented. This first one is from the 1960s. Quite a conventional study and subject… the Hotel Vancouver viewed from the Courthouse steps (with a very British lion).
It’s an ink and wash drawing on brown paper. Vancouver was a fairly sleepy little town with few “important” buildings made of stone. Helen probably thought they were grand enough to deserve her attention. The drawing is quite big… about 17 ” wide and 23″ tall.
Above: Dockside, by Helen Andersen. This watercolour is much looser but still representational. You can see the boards of the dock and the shapes of BC’s tall trees.
James Island, by Helen Andersen. This is an airbrush painting of one of BC’s Gulf Islands. Last year, the owner of the island put it up for sale. Asking price: 75 million.