Two bit shots from this afternoon

The blog budget could stand the 25¢ price of admission, so I checked out the relatively new self-cleaning public toilet down at Woodbine Beach. Looks pretty spiffy and a friendly female voice breaks into the soothing soundtrack…not exactly music, but a soothing, synthetic background sound.
“Welcome,” the voice said. “This toilet facility has been completely sanitized for your visit. You have a maximum time of 20 minutes. You will be given plenty of notice before your time is up”. (or words to that effect)
As you see, it does look pretty sterile in there. I didn’t photograph the fold-down changing table but there was one. I suppose when I left, the magic cleaning process activated itself. Rather wasteful of me… I didn’t do anything in there but snap photos.

One thought on “Two bit shots from this afternoon

  1. I see that they have labelled the toilet paper in English and French. That’s good, but how will people who speak other languages know what it is?

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