An ugly story expressed in architecture

How perfectly this new building (a bar?) expresses the awarding of a 20-year, exclusive lease to a businessman with connections. How did this the gold mine of a location… the only thing like it, right by the beach, with oceans of parking and crowds of customers… fall into the hands of one family without ever going to public tender? Nobody seems sure, but it was a big factor in the downfall of our local councillor, who helped pull it off.
So what can be said about the building and the story behind it? I don’t know but sure it ain’t pretty.

2 thoughts on “An ugly story expressed in architecture

  1. Look…you & I are reflected in the windows.
    I’m not happy with the politics but I would still go there for a bite…wonder how expensive it is?

  2. It’s done up in the Patchwork-Tacky Style. The idea is to use as many different kinds of siding as you can and keep everything boxy. The famous quote “More boxes, more better” is associated specifically with this style.

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