Printmakers show at GAS

printmakersBefore we headed off to Nuit Blanche, we made another art stop on Gerrard, in Little India or the South Asian Bazaar or whatever we’re calling it these days. The Gerrard Art Space (GAS) was holding an opening for a show of works by printmakers Lynda Hattin, Robert Quance, Liane Odze-Silver, Linda DeLuca, Emily Pennacchio and Noreen Mallory. It’s on until the 20th.
Styles and techniques are quite varied, so there’s probably something you’d particularly like. The bold expressiveness of Odze-Silver’s woodblock prints appealed to me. Mallory’s prints caught Danica’s attention and we both took an interest in a textile piece called The Healing Blanket by Linda Hattin.
I like what’s happening along this little strip of Gerrard. GAS offers arts a space to show work and there are classes and open life drawing sessions available, too.