Audrey gets the job done

20131002-201953.jpgCan an 89 year old peace activist make an impact on the behavior of a major federal institution? Damn right she can.
Audrey Tobias wants Canada to know that Stats Canada is paying tens of millions of dollars to the war machine known as Lockheed Martin. You know, the same people that are peddling F-35 jets to Harper. Stats Canada is buying scanning software and hardware from Lockheed Martin, to handle the millions of census forms it processes.
Audrey doesn’t want to feed into the profits of an arms dealer, so she refused to fill out her 2011 census form. That’s a federal offence and she’s been charged. But you’ve heard all about this already, and that’s the point. Without Audrey’s resistance and her willingness to face a fine (or even jail time, because she won’t pay a fine) who knew that Stats Canada was giving business to an arms manufacturer?