Three more for the walls

I know this is getting repetitive, but framing pictures is taking up most of our time these days. It’s never boring, because there is so much range in the styles and subject matter, it’s hard to believe they are all by one person.
Dune in Iran by Helen Andersen. Image 10″x15″
Helen and Raabye lived for some months in the eastern part of Iran, when Raabye took a contract to do accounting for a lumber company there.
Hawaiian Tikis by Helen Andersen. Image 10″x14″
When Helen and Raabye went to Hawaii, which they did several times, Helen took her paints along and her interest in aboriginal art. I like this one for its composition and for the sense of airy light it conveys.
Mill Tailings Holding Dam _ Salmo, by Helen Andersen 11″x9″. 1980. Watercolour
Although it looks completely different from the two pictures above, it is quite representative of the way Helen handled B.C. landscapes throughout her career. Her interest in industry was a common theme, too. Sawmills, tugboats, fishing boats, construction sites and farm fields figured frequently in her work.

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  1. Wonderful!
    This is truly inspiring to watch this presentation evolve.
    Many people are taking pleasure at this process, which must be taking every waking moment! Thank you so much.

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