What's nicer than a walk in the park?

How about a ride in the park… with Danica… on her new bike? Throw in a sunny morning, low weekday traffic levels and cooler temperatures and you have perfection!
Woodbine Park, between Queen St. E and Lakeshore Boulevard.

3 thoughts on “What's nicer than a walk in the park?

  1. I’m loving it! Glad you’re leading the way Bill, it is nerve-wracking getting back in the saddle after so many years…but we have a great neighbourhood for it.

  2. I like the ponytails as well!
    Bikes are fun. Also, a great way to take a dog for a quick run.
    (leash has to be kept short) Salmo has many bike riders and little motorized carts as well. Not so many cars.

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