Apple phones to use fingerprint "passwords"

20130916-112923.jpgI leave my fingerprints all over the place, especially on my iPad screen, so why should I care if Apple wants to fingerprint me? They say the scan of my prints will remain on my device, not in their database.
They say.
I pull my tinfoil hat on a little more snuggly to think about this. The hacker community will quickly alert the public if Apple cheats and code reveals harvesting and storage of prints. Apple is usually the first to adopt new technology, so biometric ID systems will soon be everywhere.
I presume that the fingerprint scan with be converted into device-readable digits. The ID number will probably be very, very long and longer passwords are supposed to be harder to crack. But digital numbers are easy to copy and paste… easy to transmit and store. How hard will it be for someone to fake my digital fingerprints?
Old guy, me. Don’t like the smell.

3 thoughts on “Apple phones to use fingerprint "passwords"

  1. yes, tin foil would not stop Hannibal Lecter
    -would you ask someone for a fingerprint? next it will be DNA, eh?

  2. The fingerprint feature is optional. One can still opt for the old system. But the truth is that the majority of iPhone users don’t bother to enable their password feature anyway. And anyone picks up your phone and has a piece of scotch tape handy can steal your prints anyway. They’re all over the surface.

  3. LOL. So far I’ve found cellphones optional. I can just imagine our secret police sifting through all those pieces of scotch tape, looking for mine.

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