A Faraday cage for cellphones

A silver-threaded handerchief is supposed to prevent surveillance of your location if you are carrying a mobile phone. Fifteen bucks plus shipping and tax. Yes, it’s available in Canada… we have our own NSA. It’s called CSEC… same thing.
Authorities are not the only ones scooping your data. Merchants want to pitch you if you are nearby, so cloaking your phone, might prevent nuisance messages. What’s more, the handerchief bears a courtesy message, informing those in your company that you are paying attention to them, not your phone. Nice touch.
Oops. An ominous message appears at the bottom of the ad:
Please note, this item is discontinued. When it sells out, it will no longer be available.

4 thoughts on “A Faraday cage for cellphones

  1. Plus, it goes nicely with a tin foil hat, lol.
    (shielded wallets have become more common)
    Good post!

  2. Gee, if George Smitherman’s spouse had wrapped his phone in one of these, he might still be lying in a fetal position, semi-conscious by railway tracks. Sometimes surveillance isn’t such a bad thing.

  3. That’s right. The dog actually found the guy. The phone narrowed the search area, but a canine nose was needed for pinpoint accuracy.

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