Today's P3 experience

Public Private Partnerships (P3s). The darlings of politicians who are afraid to ask taxpayers to pay for anything. Let the private sector foot the bill!
So what do we get? Today, I sought shelter from a downpour under our PPP street furniture. The “canopy shelter” is to bus shelters what the thong is to underwear. The foot-wide strip of dry pavement in my photo didn’t stay dry long, either.
Note that Astral Media’s big ad space isn’t skimpy. That’s their part of the “partnership”.
I first heard the phrase Public Private Partnership in an interview of some Ontario health minister. He said we should build P3 hospitals.

3 thoughts on “Today's P3 experience

  1. Danica asks about the light spots in front of my feet in the photo. Those are the dry spots, quickly being rained over. According to a Toronto Star article, Astral says it has installed 50 of these skimpy shelters and that they will install no more of them because of all the complaints.
    The shelters ARE useless as shelters, but they function very well as revenue-generating billboards for Astral. I think they should not only stop putting them up, they should remove the existing sidewalk-blockers and give up their ad revenue. It won’t happen, of course. The billboard industry spends more money than any other, lobbying city hall.

  2. Lobbying or not I blame the politicians. Term limits are essential. Easier said than done though.

  3. I agree about the term limits. Our councillor is on record as supporting limits to two terms (8 years) and she asks “why would anyone WANT to be in office longer than that?”
    Unfortunately, she also reports that there has been “no uptake” of her position among other councillors. Career politicians. Yuck!

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