Whose predictions were closer?

I StumbledUpon this excellent graphic strip only today, even though it’s been online for years. Does preference for one author’s vision over that of the other say something about your own world view?
Read the whole strip below and see. I’ll tell my preference at the bottom.

The revelations of WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden have certainly awakened in me a new respect for the visions of Mr Orwell, but I continue a lifelong admiration for Huxley’s Brave New World.
While spies, secret police and state-appointed murderers are shaping our lives to some degree, I find Huxley’s insight broader, more comprehensive and therefore, more accurate.
Of course, neither author really predicted the future, they were keen observers of the drift of their own time. By observing human weaknesses and predilections, they were able to draw pictures of the consequences if those traits became dominant in society. If Huxley and Orwell seem prescient, it is only because they understood human nature well.

One thought on “Whose predictions were closer?

  1. Good one Bill….very well stated and illustrated. While reading through I had you pegged – – – – – to both camps, of course.

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