Carson spots the good stuff

I’m not sure exactly where he is but the family went on an outing to Cowichan, B.C. yesterday, so my guess is that he’s at a marine display there.
Carson is the eldest son of our niece Stephanie and her husband Trevor. He’s about 64 years younger than me but he could teach me a few things about looking cool.
Photo credit: Danica

4 thoughts on “Carson spots the good stuff

  1. I see that the info panel gives a blurb on “TROLLERS”. I was happy to find that Google’s web definition of a troller is : angler: a fisherman who uses a hook and line.
    I learned the spelling for the boat name as “trawler”, even though it is used to troll for fish. But then, I was a B.C. mainlander. Islanders may have different spelling rules.

  2. Cowichan Band is quite large, but this photo reminds me of Cowichan Bay, where the shops hug the coast. It’s not Cobble Hill or Cowichan Lake or Whippletree Junction.

  3. You know your people, places & things Joni – Cowichan Bay it is – where the shops hug the coast. Barely room to push a buggy, the only alternative is to use the road. Delightful shops and restaurants…I had a delicious clam chowder followed by homemade ice cream. We went to the little Marine Museum where Carson hammered together his own Trawler/Troller with a bit of help from pappa.It’s his favorite toy – such simplicity and for free (donations given wholeheartedly).

  4. This was a beautiful day….and warm warm warm…of course we chose to have hot soup on a hot island day.

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