A Taste of the Danforth in good company

There will be lots of places to see pictures of the food and the performers at the annual celebration of everything Greek, but where else can you find details about the crowd that attended… with names, even.
Brendan and Julianna, son and daughter-in-law of my friends Crawf and Ulli, invited me to join them and their friends Emily, Thomas and their kids Charlotte and Owen for my first experience of the Taste of the Danforth street fest. Julianna’s mom is still here from Korea, helping her with her early days as a new mother, so this was also my first chance to meet her and Hayden, the new baby.
Thank you all for including me in your day. It was perfect weather and perfect company.
Oh OK, one food shot. Here’s what I tasted on the Danforth…
Yes, it was very tasty. Good and garlicky chicken-on-a-stick barbecued on an open grill, served with tzatziki pronounced excellent by Brendan. Only 4 bucks and quickly served. Mezes Restaurant knows how these things are done.
(It was not served on a bed of rhubarb. I just needed something to sit it on while I took the shot and a grocery stand display was handy.)

3 thoughts on “A Taste of the Danforth in good company

  1. I’m embarrassed to admit it but I’ve never gone to the Taste of the Danforth. Next year hopefully.

  2. Great to see these pictures of everyone…baby Hayden looks wonderful. What a nice day. I’m getting home sick – that would be for the people I know & love – certainly not the weather because it’s absolutely perfect here. There’s awesome nature everywhere you look.

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