Not so quiet walk

quiet-walk It started off quietly enough, as I explored a footpath alongside the Via Rail tracks. It starts on the west side of the Coxwell overpass. A nice little tunnel through greenery, quite peaceful when a train isn’t passing.
At the end of the path, about 4 blocks in, workmen were busy on a welcome surprise. They are refurbishing a pedestrian underpass that will be ready for public use in about a month. Then we’ll be able to get to the other side of the tracks from the top of Ashdale instead of hiking over to busy Greenwood Ave. Great!

End of peace and quiet. A chopper overhead made sure of that, hovering in one position, obviously looking at or for something or someone.

I counted 7 fire trucks on the streets around the house fire that had broken out on Redwood Avenue, near Gerrard. (Yes there is a Redwood Avenue one block east of Greenwood Avenue.)
There were ambulances, inhalator trucks, police cars and a Community Housing Services vehicle in attendance, too. TV News had the fire truck count at 12. It was a two-alarm blaze, so maybe that many did show up initially.
One 60 year old man was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. A 68 year old blogger decided that was enough stuff about fires and moved on to other things.