Poor Old Toronto Ontario. A confused and confusing council has voted to toss the Scarborough Light Rail Transit plan, fully funded, environmentally approved and $85 million already spent. In its place, Scarborough dwellers are being offered the unfunded dream of a subway that would be much more costly and slow to build… if it ever gets built at all.
Is this really what the people of Scarborough want? Hard to believe.
Harder to believe: that the rest of Canada will want to pay the cost difference. But that’s what even the Mayor says. No federal funding, no subway. Can Ford get the money from Harper this way? He might get the promise of money, but Scarborough won’t ride far on political promises.
Provincial promises, same thing. Ford’s promise to keep a subway tax increase to $5 a household? Already being, um, restated.
As usual, P.O.T.O. is going nowhere fast.

3 thoughts on “P.O.T.O.

  1. I like subways, all things being equal. But, in this case, they are not. This decision is completely asine and totally political. Makes me ill. Miller then Ford, two complete bozos. If I was religious I would be sure that god was punishing me. He/she is sure punishing somebody.

  2. You only need to watch the Youtube of the city consellor Matlow “debate” with Rob Ford (Matlow and Ford) to fully realize he (once again) does not know what he is talking about. He refuses to answer questions that would show how familiar he is with the LRT/Subway comparison – until be blurts out that the LRT would run down the middle of existing roads (like a streetcar) instead of the dedicated right of way it has been assigned for over a year now. Good comedy – but clearly he is positioning himself politically to be the Saviour of Scarborough and blame the feds when they do not fund his expensive dreams.

  3. It is terribly saddening to think that a person like Ford could ever be elected to a second term in office. I don’t believe that the people of Scarborough are as naive and gullible as the Mayor hopes they are. I think they’ll recognize that his disruptive behaviour has further delayed the transit system they need and will inevitably them cost more than if he had kept his trap shut.
    Are Ford’s obvious “positioning” efforts clever enough to bulldoze over his political opponents? I doubt it. I think we can be rid of Ford, just not soon enough.

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