3000 steps from my front door

july-sceensaver Of various dawn shots I took on my walk today, this one appeals to me most. Lake Ontario at the foot of Kippendavie on a calm, muggy morning. It was early enough that bird songs and gull squawks were the dominant soundtrack. Very peaceful.
A grey-bearded man sleeping on a bench beside the boardwalk had a radio going inside his shopping cart. A talk show played quietly. I thought how pleasant it would be to wake up in the morning to the sound of lapping water and singing birds. Good choice of a place to bed down for the night, even if the bench boards were a bit hard. Was the talk show a wake-up call? A little, homey touch? A bit of comfort?

3 thoughts on “3000 steps from my front door

  1. Wow!
    You are a very good writer,
    and great at capturing photos.
    You inspire me to wander about
    with the camera this morning.

  2. Three of us it seems are early risers. You, me and Abby. Sometimes I bike, sometimes I surf, sometimes I grab the paper and go to the back of my yard. Abby does, with gusto, whatever it is the pussycats do.

  3. I am an early riser during heat waves, because the temperatures are most bearable around dawn. I should be an early riser all the time, because the early morning hours are unquestionably the best ones of the day.

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